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Action Items:

Due Date
Continue to reinforce with XSEDE Operations Cybersecurity to pursue assessment and gap analysis of XSEDE posture for being able to support a service provider resource that allows processing storage, and/or use of sensitive information including, but not limited to, human research, PHI, and CUI data types.
QMA-391 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Open Storage Network



XCI RACD group informed about the discussion with Open Storage Network (OSN) at the parallel session and to initiate a Use Case discussion and potentially an engineering activity to address OSN potentially joining XSEDE as a resource provider.  (JP has already started having discussions with them).

QMA-392 - Getting issue details... STATUS


XCI and Operations should be aware of potential upcoming SP resource providers at UDel, Stony Brook, and OSN that may need infrastructure support if they do not have their own local infrastructure.  QMA-393 - Getting issue details... STATUS
XCI and Operations
Victor to inform Operations QMA-394 - Getting issue details... STATUS
JP to let XCI RACD group know QMA-395 - Getting issue details... STATUS
JP Navarro

Note:  Victor wrote these notes because my computer crashed while I was trying to take notes during the meeting. ---Lucille Jarzynka

Discussion was had about making use of XSEDE’s infrastructure to provide access to data sets per previous discussion with OSN.  Ideas include doing something similar with data sets like the XSEDE software search tool or use XSEDE information services to publish data sets.  Probably need some user friendly GUI interface to this.

  •  Victor in his SP Coordinator role has already started having discussions with UDel and Stony Brook.  There has been one call with OSN regarding their project introduction and potential needs from XSEDE.  Future calls to occur.



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