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Action Items:

Due Date

Change the name of the column on the ECSS Projects home

Create a label for final reports

Check to see if it's possible to have shorter URLs or even URL aliasHave included the "Confluence Page" Column in the tables on the ECSS Projects page. Lonnie Crosby

Create a screen for Interviews to make sure L2 is assigned

Two special fields in workplan under title and say what information needs to be there (unique title that includes XYZ). And do the same thing for the project key and where to get that

Have included draft explanatory text in the Workplan, Quarterly/Final Report templates Lonnie Crosby

Update description of title for workplan and quarerly/final report templates
Lonnie Crosby
Update documentation on JIRA/Confluence use or Cheat Sheet for rollout
Lonnie Crosby


Notes/ Discussion items:

  •  For project extension requests
    • Marques BlandLeslie Morsek please remember to include the original end date and proposed end date in a comment on the Jira page and be sure to tag the L3 manager. 
  • Add a note on confluence project page template reminding the consultant to change the status in Jira
    • Lonnie Crosby added some extra text for the Workplan button on the Confluence Project Page Template reminding consultant to change the status of the project.
  • Try to achieve: One table on the ECSS Projects home page with everything consultants need: 
    • What are the essential bits in those columns and reduce that down to what the consultants absolutely need to know


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