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  • 20190910- XSEDE Financial Analysis Quarterly Reports
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Action Items:

Due Date




Notes/ Discussion items:

Ron had a  PowerPoint slide - I will add it here. 

  • Quarterly Financial Report Purpose
  • 1030, Budget, Spend, Burn Rate, Projection, Balance, Carryover, Holdback, Staffing & Equipment (S&E) Funds, Participant Support (PS), Project to Date (PTD), Project Year to Date (PYTD), % Budget Used 
  • Time Reference Charts (2)
    • Cumulative Budget vs Actuals
    • Cumulative % Budget Used & Balance
    • Can add projected to the above 2 charts
    • L3 Monthly budget vs Spend w/ Trend
  • WBS Reference Charts
    • PYTD Budget vs Spend by L2
    • L3 PYTD % Budget Used and Balance by L2 (add projected)
    • Make them into 3D charts
  • Institution Reference Charts
    • L3 PTD Budget vs Spend by Institution (remove the blue line)
    • L3 PTD % Budget & Balance by Institution
  • Next steps:
    1. (Ron/Bus Ops) Work with John on P1 & L1 Level charts for Quarterly reports (20-Sep)
      1. L2s/L3s provide feedback on the information discussed this afternoon
    2. (Ron/Bus Ops) Complete initial PY8 charts (30-Sep) - 
    3. (Bus Ops) Setup wiki for leadership access (30-Sep)
    4. Feedback window (15-Oct) - 
      1. L2s/L3s provide feedback on #3
    5. First release of dynamic report (Nov 1)



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