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 Update Code of Conduct to address issues raised by participants in ACSC/PEARC19 and IHPCSS. Updated wording.
Move forward with the development of the online reporting form.Currently just has a place holder indicating coming soon.
Background checks to be discussed in monthly student calls.Each student program has different applications and selection criteria. Student monthly call these will be discussed including background checks.

Action Items:

Due Date

Update Wording.

Circulate with Ombudspersons and then submit to SMC for approval.

Linda Akli


Update Wording.

Upon approval update website.

 Maytal's Team

Update Wording.Upon approval update slide in the repository.Susan Mehringer11/1
Add to XUPRequest Code of Conduct be added to the portal.Linda Akli11/1
Add FormCirculate with Ombudspersons and then submit for approval.Linda Akli10/1
Add FormUpon approval, add form to code of conduct webpages.Maytal's Team11/1


Notes/ Discussion items:



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