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 Everyone should express preferences for reviews they'd like to take on 

Action Items:

Due Date

Create a real-time sheet of review responses (so ECSS L3s can track who has completed them)

Create a preference form

Ask reviewers upon submission of their review preferences how much time it took to indicate preferences

Create a Google Calendar with relevant dates regarding Adaptive reviews and other ECSS-related tasks (e.g., dates preferences can be entered, when proposals will be ready for review, review deadline, when spreadsheet of ECSS projects will be sent to Marques for processing, etc.)
Ken Hackworth

Draft e-mail to ECSS staff regarding reviews. Make it clear that the bar for reviews is not the same as it would be for NSF

Send the e-mail before Ken sends out a calendar regarding when to expect the reviews in the future

Check the fields of sciences for everyone but specifically from the Indiana folks


Notes/ Discussion items:

    • Uneven load
      • We need to get across the point that if you're not sitting on a NIH panel or something else, we have a very limited field to review all FOS
      • High priority 
    • Real time results of the reviews? 
      • L2s/L3s will then be proactive about following up with staff. 
    • Tardy reviews
    • Is it possible to make their review response rate a part of their understanding of their FTE allocation?
    • There have been instances of people being on vacation the week of reviews
    • Would we be able to add on a feature to the preference form
    • Is there any big issue that we're missing
      • People being qualified to review what they're assigned to review
        • Specifically, in deep learning and AI
    • All the Indiana folks seem to have the wrong FOS (double check to make sure spreadsheet is pulling correctly)
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