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Action Items:

Due Date
Lizanne's presentation QMA-375 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Slide deck needs to be on the new template

User Survey should be covered by Lizanne in her presentation

Campus Champions Climate Study: ok to include higher level findings

  • Consider adding campuses bringing champions into new faculty hiring process
  • Add sustainability info

Climate study

  • In what year did we first measure equity, can that be used as a baseline?
    • 2014 might've had one question, then extended to a whole dimension
    • Put in as crosshatched bar
  • Show how we've improved

Like having longitudinal studies being included. If panel makes comment about importance, John could have a conversation with Bob about needing more funds/supplemental request.

Don't cut anything–trying to provide more time

Be prepared for a homework question or 2 re. clarification on some of this.

 Program Office QMA-376 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Slide 8:

  • Call out Leslie as new Senior PM
  • RY3 vs PY8?
  • Move draft transition plan to top bullet


  • Extend reach of XSEDE services & impacts: Cision–need to reword
  • RY3 priorities? RY4?
  • Include longitudinal studies


  • Add numbers for recommendations
  • Will hear about plans for longitudinal studies in the next presentation (leave on slide but don't talk about it)

A little granular. Talk at a higher level. No individual personnel info.

Financial summary QMA-377 - Getting issue details... STATUS

13: Run another Y axis on % spend on right side

14: Don't try to describe difference in carryover & holdback. Each year end up with some unspent funds. Change Holdback to "Unspent Funds"

  • 2017 IHPCSS (has a 6 in it)
  • Y axis is hard to understand. Thousands of dollars but don't put $ in front of numbers

Move quickly unless they ask questions

If they ask about TACC–say they had carry-forward funds.

16: Categorize L2 areas together.


ROI QMA-378 - Getting issue details... STATUS

10-15 minutes time allotment for presentation so plenty of time for questions.

Bob suggested adding point to slide 3 (missed what the point was)

Include value estimate for XOC or user support? Includes Ops (implicit in things we ask end users). ROI for XSEDE as a whole

could we use the value inherent in salary range differences between assistant/standard/senior positions to help define a "value of experience" for staff?

Slide 4: Why PY5, 6–no training in PY5, no end user support in PY6. Mention why these are blank

  • Missing numbers makes ROI more conservative than if they were included. Will reanalyze after we get the data.

Note that XSEDE delivers things more efficiently than individual universities can.

Make visually obvious what numbers go into these. Subdivide into components of value of funding & cost

Slide 5: Quantify value of experience–correlate salary ranges for positions based on years of experience as starting point

We understand how to quantify...

 Craig Stewart 


Notes/ Discussion items:






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