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Action Items:

Due Date
Correct "productivity" on slide 5 under 2nd main bullet
For graph, put asterisk on XPY8 to indicate not complete year - or put a projection for where it should be. Slide 6.  Greg 6/11/19
Slide 11 maybe call out initial engagement with the EPOC PI - May call out Oklahoma for NSF support rather than NCAR  Greg 6/11/19
Mention Globus partnership and leveraging their work toward handling sensitive data transfers and handling - Slide 17  Greg 6/11/19
What are expectations of XSEDE if we get a allocation request to handle sensitive data? Currently, they work directly with SPs, but what about a system stood up to explicitly handle sensitive data? Should be ready for this and be able to respond. Maybe indicate that Cybersecurity is investigating this in a slide. Maybe under first bullet of Slide 17. Protecting confidential user profile information - users changing e-mail addresses, etc. We need to formalize any informal processes currently in place.


Notes/ Discussion items:






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