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Action Items:

Due Date
Rejection Rate for June 2019 XRAC QMA-371 - Getting issue details... STATUS Provide rejection rate for most recent XRACKen Hackworth6/6/19
Update Slide 9 of RAS- NSF Review Slides QMA-372 - Getting issue details... STATUS Slide 9- make it more clear that users need training on code performance and scaling, that the existing training for this is available, and RAS will work with CEE to make it more prominently visible to submittersDave Hart  6/6/19
 RAS Recommendations QMA-373 - Getting issue details... STATUS Add new recommendation to JiraSonia Nayak6/6/19 
Update Slide 7 of RAS- NSF Review Slides QMA-374 - Getting issue details... STATUS Change “almost half” in the green box to “one third”Dave Hart6/6/19


Notes/ Discussion items:






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