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Action Items:

Due Date
Edits needed to Intro slides QMA-363 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Slide 3 Documents misspelled in title

Slide 5 formatting (title) 

Slide 9 could be presented as a graphic. Boxes out of short versions of text on this slide could work for a graphical representation

Slide 11: CI Providers: Mention CaRC

Slide 12 needs some updates (SuperMIC)

  • SciNet instead of Compute Canada
  • Supermic's end date is 9/30/2019 so it is still available in XSEDE until then Stanford XStream ended 9/30/2018

Slide 16: Still working on updates

Slide 17: Reword to "women or historically underrepresented groups as defined by NSF"

Slide 18: Update GPU–language from last year. GPU AI
Update cloud info
CSR–Research Software Portal (JP Navarro )

Slide 19 needs updated (will work with Tom Furlani to update)

Slide 20: Overall satisfaction–need #
Awareness–need #

Slide 21: Need #s for: $$ of federally funded research supported
Gateways supporting grant info (Rob Quick

Number of installations of OpenXDMoD

Slide 22: Update based on info from other presentations

Slide 23 needs updated: New XRAS Clients: add PSC; Wyoming is not ready yet. NCSA

Info needed for Intro slides QMA-364 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Need a number for Slide 17: Broadening participation: how many are identified as women or underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities

Info needed for Intro slides QMA-365 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Slide 17:  Can't say what we've done to date re. participant hours (only have RY3 #s) CEE? 

 Susan Mehringer Lorna Rivera

shm: Done, sent to Leslie Morsek

Info needed for Intro slides QMA-366 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Slide 18: Victor update 1st bullet
Quantify workforce development QMA-367 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Linda will look at ways to quantify workforce development. 


Notes/ Discussion items:

Slide 12: 

  • If there is a new graphic to represent Slide 12, let John know

Service requests = trouble ticket (reviewers may ask about this)

How to measure value of research facilitators




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