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Action Items:


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Ron Payne to provide updated/verified FTE numbers for ECSS
    • Also higher resolution image for slide 2
  •  Slide 7: 
    • Reviewer may recall the previous target of 50 targets. Be sure to be prepared in case that is brought up
  • There are two project-level KPIs from ECSS. Perhaps mention them even though the KPIs will also be mentioned during Ron's presentation
  • Wrong University of Houston campus is selected as a MSI (slide 10)
  • Jack Smith is a 2x fellow
  • Mohammend Tanash is a student and that is probably worth mentioning
  • Consider making third point on slide 11 bold
  • On some of the science stories, are there any additional details on the science outcomes that can be added?





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