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Action Items:

Due Date
XRAS User Satisfaction SurveyAdd a question about whether or not PIs want this type of featureDave Hart 
RDR to track SP forum membersSP list to include forum members and contact information... there is an SP forum list but may not be accurateRob Light 


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Managing user allocations-
    • Checking with SPs- 
      • they don't seem to be enthusiastic because it seems that it will be difficult to implement
      • SDSC may already be doing this outside of XSEDE
    • Need to get a formal request in place for an SP to support these features
    • How many PIs actually want this?
    • User-based limits or sub-projects for PIs to share allocation with their group and manage it that way
  • RDR Improvements
    • Need to organize improvements by priority. They are currently organized by topic
  • Gateway Attribute Improvements- XCI-419
    • Need to get an update from Scott Sakai and Amit Chourasia
    • Shava's team to test it once they get the updates from Scott and Amit
  • RAS Activities
    • Admin Workflow-  further improve Admin UI to try to minimize the number of clicks required
    • XRAS managing allocation dates- it is not currently the authority on managing the allocation dates (the accounting service is)
    • XRAS admin client guide
    • PSC to become an XRAS client for their new resource
  • XCI-
    • Web Single Sign On
    • Formalize Community Software Area 
    • Research Software Portal
      • Initial production rollout by April
      • collaboration with SGCI
      • cloud image integration
      • more advanced interfaces (including Elasticsearch)
      • Cross Campus- XSEDE resource search across all U of I campuses
      • AWS migration
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