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  • 20190306- Return on Investment for three Cyberinfrastructure facilities
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Action Items:

Due Date



Good health report.A

RoI definttion for xsede 

what they sold for /what they paid for it

xsede  what we paid for it/value of commercial services  

salary of a post-doc  

all analyses are imperfect and evolving over time

fundiung agencies what to know now what these systems are worth not 10 yeears down the road.

Buying the machine cost 2-3 times less than AWS

John- did you do the analysis on one or two years?

Craig 3 years and it would make a difference.

co lo cost is cost of space in the machine room

people included in co-lo cost.

how imp is big red ii to grant funding

They will survey those who received grants and aske them how imp big redii was to winning the grant

xsede  roi is going up over time.

we are a good deal for the federal governemen just financially

xsede provides services that are unique and can't be measured in dollars.diverse work groups make more progress than non-diverse

work force development of xsede.

what would people like to see in the next analysis

john reasonable cost of ecss

what number you chose

take numbers we thought were low to make the analysis bulletproof

 plaanin be less conservative – us best extimator 

what did I leave out.  – cost of security.of financial estimate of risk

How to monetize personnel use .andm impact time wise.



R. Marinshaw asks: When monetizing value of campus champions, must consider that they also provide services to cloud users.



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