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Action Items:


Notes/ Discussion items:

Dave & Rich Recommendations  will be addressed by Shava and JP who are present

L2 KPIs self explanatory and unchanged from last year.

Priorities for PY9  – Not grossly diffeerent than last yearStraight forward

RACD JP Evolution

Group management improvements.  Emergency shutdown process streamlined

Information capabilities working with U. Illinois share service with xsede – service that could make big impact on campus level – find software that is on xsede – good thng to evaluate

Data,  meta data interesting and sharing it with public. XSEDE doesn't do that right now. will other tools leverage them.  Questions should be addressed to xci team.

Rich:  CRI plans remain that the same. Open stack. News release about Aristotle.

Darmouth partners working to federate with them shortly.-Partnershp set up at Cornell 

Working on containerized applications now

Rep from Openstack team visited us to inform us of possibility of using it.

Open stack Darmouth is an r2 and have collaborators that are r3s  helps r2s and r3 bridge.  Jetstream usage new campus to join the ecosystem

Publications under consideration. '

Pearch 19 paper has been submitted.

 decrease ask:for pif funds but just do less slow us down prevent us from doing these things.


Recommendations will be reviewed but most appear to be resolved.




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