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Action Items:

Due Date
ECSS to look into helping scientists with proper benchmarking for XRAC proposals QMA-335 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Robert Sinkovits, Philip Blood 
ECSS/XCI to coordinate efforts to manage requests that may be better suited for the other group. QMA-336 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Robert Sinkovits, Philip Blood 

Add topics from quarterly to future ECSS meetings QMA-337 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 Marques Bland 


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • If you identify a respected leader in a community/domain, they will talk to that community about how you can help their community. 
  • Even with ECSS staff going to more conferences, we need to have targeted attendance. Just generally attending conferences won't get that done. But identify ambassadors/leaders and you might not need to go to the communities, but use them as the bridge. 
    • If invited to a conference, then yes go, but don't think going to conferences will do everything. 
  • In CEE, they look at conferences going on and have an on-going conversation about whether or not someone should be attending said conference. 
    • In CEE, they picked a profile of conferences to attend. Instead of picking domain specific conferences, find conferences that may be multidisciplinary, but fit with what ECSS wants to target
  • When attending a conference, be sure to reach out to ECSS staff to see if they have connections to someone at that conference and leverage that relationship
  • After going through the XRAC review, and seeing that the barriers to entry need to be lower, there were a lot of proposals that were rejected where they just don't know how to do a proper performance analysis.
    • Perhaps using ECSS to help them make a good proposal with proper benchmarking might make utilization of ECSS higher. 
  • Expanding consulting would be interesting. It would be interesting to have a conversation with XCI re: requests from users that aren't clear to XCI whether or not it's something for their area or if ECSS should handle it. A more active coordination between the two groups may bear fruit. 
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