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Action Items:

Due Date
Find out demand from ECSS staff to attend training/professional development events.   
L3s will need to vet activities that staff wants to attend to make sure it is beneficial to ECSS   
Consider adding some sort of alert to PIs making a submission that ECSS can review the proposal   
Check with RAS to see if there's an option of first-time submitters have an earlier deadline Sonia Nayak 


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Training
    • During ECSS-All meeting we're going to tell the staff that there are training opportunities
      • Classes, workshops, self-study
      • ECSS-MGMT is willing to dedicate 10% of their ECSS time for training (that's 1.5 hour/week)
        • By combining that time over the course of a year, this means they can go to a conference or do something spending a week on training
    • If staff are in between projects, then they can do some of that training 
      • That works for self-study, but for conferences, it requires more scheduling.
    • What staff can do:
      • Up to 50 hours of training per year is available for staff time to go to training. But travel is another issue
        • PIF to address 
          • We would have to write specifics 
          • Perhaps ask staff to look at one conference or professional development event they can attend (subject to approval from L3 and local manager)
            • Need to be very careful with using the term "professional development"
            • Items needed from staff
              • Event
              • How this benefits ECSS
              • When the money has been spent ECSS will report back who went to what
          • Perhaps submitting a per-conference PIF (hopefully not) or quarterly PIFs for staff training
          • When the money is spent, then there needs to be a report on how the money was spent
      • One thing to remember, with travel, the staff would be subject to their institution's travel rules. 
        • Need to figure out how to handle travel with PIF 
          • The money needs to move to the right WBS area, then the money has to be designated as travel funds. 
            • Could the institution support someone who is not at that institution? Yes but that's very difficult.
      • Perhaps create a PIF with an estimated amount of money and go off of that
      • Example: If we put together a PIF allocating ~$4000 per staff member to be sure to encompass overhead costs at institutions
        • If the PIF came out to $250k, divide that by institution
    • What happens if we don't spend the PIF money?
    • Perhaps host/develop a training
    • Perhaps have those attending trainings to present an ECSS Symposium
  • ECSS Assistance for Benchmarking 
    • Consider: Every startup gets 1 day/week ECSS support to help the PI and determine if ECSS assistance is needed or not 
      • What should the ECSS role be in the issue of benchmarking?
        • Should we be doing as Lonnie has done?
        • Perhaps have something come up when they are submitting or the front end of the submission process that highlights that ECSS can help with the proposal. 
          • For first time startup submissions, additional information comes up that offers to help as they prepare for the larger submission they will have to do
          • Who would do the work?
            • If an ECSS staff member helps with a proposal is that a conflict of interest if that project is assigned? 
        • What if first time submitters have an earlier submission deadline? 
  • ECSS-All Meeting
    • Ask staff how many are aware there is time available for them to participate in training events 
  • Campus Champion and ECSS: How we can work with the Domain Champions
    • Perhaps have ECSS staff get on the Champions list so they can weigh in
    • Quarterly presentations for Champions?
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