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Action Items:

Due Date


Notes/ Discussion items:


ACTION - Maytal adding checkbox that workshop registrants understand Code of Conduct policy


What about walkins to a workshop?


Should there be a physical form/proof that person checked box and if infraction that is evidence and booted.


What about getting an allocation, should this be made known and agreed upon.


If agreed a notification sent to registrant with copy of conduct for their reference that they have agreed.


Add COC check to Acceptable use policy for all users.


Susan M. checks with every training event if they are including COC in slides


Bryan Snead new ombudsmen for XSEDE COC

            Susan has updated COC slide.


EMPOWER Prior acts against a COC at different non-XSEDE event does not exclude them from a future event.


International Summer School, revised/created COC since XSEDE is part of this, XSEDE or other members that make up the group and is it approved from XSEDE SMT.


What about reporting at a multi-group function….maybe depending on the host site it becomes their responsibility?????  Needs discussion with SMT of Summer School


Campus Champions. Since CC has their own COC is it clear what COC(CC or XSEDE) does the violator gets charged with??


            Does CC enforce or does it go to U of Illinois/XSEDE??


CC has an MOU so CC is first police officer for an infraction but XSEDE should be made aware.


ACTION - CC are prepare response team document.

            Marisa as an XSEDE staff person should be on the response team.


ACTION – John checking with U of Illinois about their expectations for him/XSEDE


ACTION – Ken H. gets acceptance from Reviewers on COC


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