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Discuss and determine changes in KPI targets CEE-BP. 

Action Items:

Due Date
Keep same KPI target for the number of new users and number of new underrepresented individuals using XSEDE change to targets for new users or the way they are countedKelly Gaithern/a
In the annual report and at the panel review highlight retention of underrepresented users. Prior and other programs are not retaining URMs at the same change but the retention numbers are significantKelly Gaither6/2019
Make clear that number in the total users column (new communities) represents unique users.Correction to IPR Metric Table LabelLorna Rivera3/15/2019
Do a PCR to change the percentage of underrepresented students benefiting from XSEDE resources and services - from a percentage to a raw number. Use the prior trends to determine the raw number targets.The percentage measurement does not adequately represent the URM student participation.Leslie Morsek3/15/2019
Measuring User Inclusion in the Ecosystem - External Evaluation will perform a study to try to understand user inclusion via both quantitative and qualitative methods. Lorna Rivera5/31/2020
Benchmarks for Broadening Participation - Compare allocations by discipline with the the national statistics for Underrepresented Minorities by discipline to understand how we are doing by domains.BP performance comparison to national BenchmarksLinda Akli5/31/2019


Notes/ Discussion items:


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