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Finalize and submit ACSC PEARC19 proposalSynthesize meeting input in order to finalize ACSC PEARC19 proposal. Submission will include draft schedule details discussed during the meeting.

Action Items:

Due Date
Submit PEARC19 ProposalSynthesize meeting input in order to finalize ACSC PEARC19 proposalRosalia Gomez3/22/2019


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • ACSC at PEARC19 is currently pending review by the conference committee. 
  • Program plans to fund 20 students, 5 mentors, and 5 faculty to attend. 
  • Faulty will observe the event and be coached on implementation strategies. 
  • Event will be July 27 (students arrive) - August 1 (students depart). Committee will likely arrive July 26. Final presentations will be on Wednesday for approximately 2 hours. 
  • External evaluation team will conduct parallel focus groups with students and faculty immediately after Wednesday presentations. 
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