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Action Items:

Due Date
Separate images for each event QMA-333 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Separate out events on images so if they're 2 different dates they can easily be shared. 

Hannah Remmert 


Notes/ Discussion items:

Conferences XSEDE should attend:

  • Domain science conferences?
  • Coordinate with outreach activities
  • AAAS? multi-disciplinary
  • BP doesn't get a lot of ROI on domain specific. Such small scale that costs don't result in many leads. Multi-disciplinary is better
  • Emergent researchers natl conf
  • American Chemical Society is bigger scale so might be worthwhile
  • Grace Hopper, TAPIA
  • AGU–meet few people that know about XSEDE so could be an opportunity to reach new users.  Need to collaborate with committee ahead of time & submit special event & provide training opportunity. ER/CEE/training activity. want to do more than have a table. Doing multiple things gives better return
  • Think outside the box with social media: 
    • Increase in # of informational articles through LinkedIn on specific topics that are good. Targeting professional environment. Don't know if it costs $ to do this. High profile, write an article about XSEDE with catchy title that goes out to everyone. Don't have LinkedIn profile but could get one
  • Domain champions–talk to them. maybe they want collateral. Could be light-weight way to do it. Ask their opinion. 



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