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  • Bryan

  • Bobby

  • Nicole
  • Weddie
  • Tom


  • Biweekly status meeting

Discussion items


  • Nicole: two ticket questions
    • PHI on XSEDE resources?
    • Travel grants?
  • Planning Year 9 - almost complete
  • Results: 100% addressed (3rd time in the project)
    • 2083 emails sent out this qtr; 114 responses, 27 issues found and addressed
    • Year: 8319 emails; 516 responses; 160 issues found, 150 addressed
  • "Addressed"
    • Generally we shouldn’t consider a recommendation “addressed” until whatever your plan is to address it is complete. However, if your plan to address a recommendation requires a longer period of time, we would consider it “addressed” once progress on the plan starts. So if it’s going to take you several weeks or months to finalize your plan for addressing a recommendation AND you’ve started progress on that plan, you can go ahead and click to “Address Recommendation” in Jira. Please note in the comment box that you have begun work on your plan to implement the recommendation and should have it complete by xxx date.
  • Please be watching for microsurvey opportunities.

Next Meeting Thursday, 9 May 2019

User Engagement Activities

  • All –
    • quarterly PI status email
      • Identify actionable items
      • Create Jira issues for tracking actionable items
      • Provide metrics for Interim Project Reports
    • monitor user forums
    • annual user survey activities
    • attend biweekly group status meetings and monthly CEE all-hands meetings
    • support of Campus Champions (pending)
  • Nicole - +monitor tickets that go into User Engagement RT queue
  • Rick - +NIP quarterly contact emails (Dave Hart provided last email list)
  • Weddie- +micro surveys
  • Chris –
    • attend biweekly CEE meetings and provide UE status
    • attend quarterly XSEDE staff meetings
    • monthly startup contact email
    • quarterly new/renewal contact email
    • quarterly reminder to PIs to review user access to their project (Ken H provides email list that includes PIs, co-PIs, and allocation managers)
    • gather metrics from UE team and provide input to Interim Project Reports
    • provide ticket stats to SP forum (Jason does this)

Action items