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  • Bryan

  • Bobby

  • Nicole
  • Weddie
  • Rick


  • Biweekly status meeting

Discussion items


  • Planning Year 9 underway.
  • Next IPR: May
  • Watching for microsurvey opportunities.


  • Verifying users on renewal allocations is difficult
    • sorting options?
    • display name, email and account?
    • added users (prior to approval?) have to be reverified
      • can we verify at submission?

Next Meeting Thursday, 28 March 2019

User Engagement Activities

  • All –
    • quarterly PI status email
      • Identify actionable items
      • Create Jira issues for tracking actionable items
      • Provide metrics for Interim Project Reports
    • monitor user forums
    • annual user survey activities
    • attend biweekly group status meetings and monthly CEE all-hands meetings
    • support of Campus Champions (pending)
  • Nicole - +monitor tickets that go into User Engagement RT queue
  • Rick - +NIP quarterly contact emails (Dave Hart provided last email list)
  • Weddie- +micro surveys
  • Chris –
    • attend biweekly CEE meetings and provide UE status
    • attend quarterly XSEDE staff meetings
    • monthly startup contact email
    • quarterly new/renewal contact email
    • quarterly reminder to PIs to review user access to their project (Ken H provides email list that includes PIs, co-PIs, and allocation managers)
    • gather metrics from UE team and provide input to Interim Project Reports
    • provide ticket stats to SP forum (Jason does this)

Action items