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  • Software collab from site visit/engagement folks?
    • Rich will compose a note and circulate, then send out to our folks
  • Software toolkits
    • OpenStack
      • Dartmouth has a working TripleO base w/ Horizon (Globus Auth & tie-in)
      • Documentation re-do, circle back with them in early January to check progress, follow up end of Jan on 
    • Containers (tensorflow)
  • Site visits, engagements
    • Note to follow up with Tim Middelkoop (possible to set up)
  • SP Forum
    • 4 new SP's (MRIs + Open Storage Network) - necessitate some more coordination
    • Victor will represent new SP activities
    • JP
  • Champions fellows
  • Follow up from last week
    • SDSU/Kevin Brandt/MRI (and other LoS folks) to follow up in January
  • Some more detail on PEARC paper deadlines
  • PEARC Workshop w/ Containers - abstract to be circulated soon


  • Resa Reynolds
  • Lucille Jarzynka
  • Steve Bird
  • Donald McMullen
  • Peter Vaillancourt
  • Eric Coulter
  • Craig Stewart
  • Victor Hazlewood
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