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  • Review activities. Discuss PEARC20 contributions.

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcome
 10 minutes L2 News

ecss-all meeting planned for January, at which we will present the new Jira/Confluence Guide for preparing and submitting ECSS project workplans and reports.

Addressed the 2019 staff climate survey at the quarterly meeting. We want to improve the information flow about decisions at the XSEDE and ECSS levels. The link to the quarterly meeting proceedings is XSEDE Quarterly Meeting - December 4 & 5, 2019 . The link to the senior management meeting notes is Senior Management Team (SMT) Meeting .

ECSS leadership is preparing PEARC20 papers, retrospective of the 9-year experience of the program.

20 minutesActivity updateAll

Sudhakar: ECSS symposium on Distant Reader tomorrow. E-Tag gateway: tagging and tracking of birds. Aurora Clark : startup, NSF HDR project for topological analysis of structural MD data. ACS demo possible. Alan: gave video presentation on VR/AR under ESTEO auspices, to UPR.

20 minutesPEARC20 contribution ideasAll

Alan and Paul working with Tipei and Nygren. Sudhakar - gateways paper and tutorial. Amit: tutorial(s) and paper.

5 minutesWrap-upNext meeting: January 13, 2020. Happy Holidays and an excellent New Year!

Action items