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  • KPI/Metrics -- some changes in how we count things
  •  Interviews on site visits -- do we need to change how we record anything?
    • Eric will work on compiling/organizing information, work on template for debrief
    • Main question: How to effectively document activity to show the utility/value of the service?
  • OpenStack toolkit -- still need a draft checklist
  • Toolkits progress
    • Test VM & using Singularity
    • Github updates from Soichi Hayashi
  • Outreach
    • discussion on web materials (Rick)
    • Next week's multi-meeting - Rick will draft a one-sheet and be able to circulate at meeting
    • Internet2 - Rick will work on pursuing streams of communication
  • Site Visits
    • SIU, mid Oct
    • UMD ES - Conversations on-going (suggest Steve Bird attend)


  • Eric Coulter
  • Resa Reynolds
  • Rick McMullen
  • Lucille Jarzynka
  • Steve Bird
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