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  • Reporting activities wrapped up, thanks!
  • Toolkit activities--intro Pete Vaillancourt
  • Campus Champions Fellow Mike Renfo to discuss ideas
    • OpenHPC in a box - take over campus infrastructure (dual-boot) to use for compute cycles
  • Site Visits/Engagements with campuses
    • OSU site meeting fairly
    • UMD Eastern Shore
    • Call with SIU & Chet Langin today at 2pm
  • Outreach, planning meetings at SC19
    • OpenHPC BoF
    • Superconf Cloud Workshop
    • SIGHPCSysPros (Friday afterwards)
  • Planning outreach Vectors – how to get in front of CIOs, be part of people's plans?
    • Review of one-pager
    • Helping campuses utilize and join their CI...Think about cloud-first with hpc-like setup


  • Rick McMullen
  • Mike Renfro
  • Resa Reynolds
  • Pete Vaillancourt
  • Lucille Jarzynka
  • Craig Stewart
  • Rob Quick
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