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  • Quarterly meeting coming up in March, quarterly report items due
  • Outreach opportunities, including site visits
    • upcoming User Advisory Committee discussion
    • Call with Stevens Institute of Technology (immediate set-up or long term)
    • Chicago State U. - Infrastructure issues
    • Clark Atlanta/Spelman - reschedule when possible, webinar possible but not a great option
    • Workshop with GMU / Jayshree - need to keep in contact
    • PEARC - virtual clusters workshop, panel on research computing centers at small institutions, paper that updates XCRI activities
      • possible panel members: Chet Langin, Jason Wells, Adam Erck@ Doane, Jane Combs@Cinncinati, Gwen J from Hawaii
    • Large Site meeting in April? Thanks Marlon!
  • Toolkit developments
    • Spack project - Rich to reply to Todd Gamblin
    • Bioinfo software packaging - Talk to Jarek Pillardy about choices, need to do multiple versions, Craig will tap Tom Doak for info
  • SP Forum
  • Fellows



  • Steve Bird
  • Resa Reynolds
  • Jodie Sprouse
  • Eric Coulter
  • Marlon Pierce
  • Rob Quick
  • Lucille Jarzynka
  • Craig Stewart


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