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  • Review NIP activities

Discussion items

5 minWelcomeSergiu Sanielevici 
10 minIntroducing new team membersSergiu SanieleviciThanks to Kevin and to Jenn for their contributions! Lars Koesterke is joining us from TACC. We will decide how to proceed with the projects Kevin was mentoring. We are bringing in new experts from PSC also, we'll introduce them at the next meeting. Amit Chourasia will undertake the next phase of an ECSS project completed by Jenn (see below).
10 minXSEDE update

Philip Blood

Sergiu Sanielevici

ECSS management is preparing an ECSS all-hands meeting to be held this quarter. A central topic will be how to best use the time allocated to our learning new skills. Philip Blood suggests, for example, that we find an excellent Data Science conference a number of NIP members could attend. We could request additional funding for this from the XSEDE Project Improvement Fund (PIF). Please send us your thoughts on this, and any other suggestions. Please also update our training opportunities spreadsheet .
30 minActivities updateAll
5 minWrap-upSergiu SanieleviciNext zoom: Jan. 28

Action items