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Action Items:


Notes/ Discussion items:


  • Will discuss with dev groups who may have overlapping interests... expand Scope to include non-consumable resources?
  • ORCID integration close to being wrapped up. Organization ID for XSEDE has been completed
  • RDR- 
    • have RDR issues show up in live SCRUM board
    • keep working on JIRA issues created
    • Waiting for SP Forum to...
  • Gateway attribute improvements: 
    • API has been tested by XCI team
  • Emergency Account Suspension
  • XRAS Admin Workflow improvements
    • Administrator Guide
    • Shoulder Surf with admin feedback to improve XRAS-admin
    • Dashboard
    • Eliminate RT tickets from XSEDE workflow
    • Panel Management Improvement
    • Add missing XRAS- Admin UIs to facilitate initial set up for clients:
      • allocation types, role types, conflict types, etc...


  • Web Single Sign-On
  • Formalize Community Software Area

  • Research Software Portal
    • In the process of being developed
    • forms based software registration
    • Advanced software search/ discovery interfaces
    • Cross Campus- XSEDE search/ discovery
    • More of the site will be available for review and feedback in the next month or so
  • RDR Priorities
  • New User Documentation
  • AWS Migration
    • will be integrated by the end of December 2018
    • "Research Software Portal" early in 2019
  • Emergency Account Suspension
  • Manage usage within an allocation
  • Add TFA to "add user to my project"
  • Add TFA to "edit user profile"
  • Group management
    • Unclear how much effort is in CEE, RAS, XCI
      • product evaluations have started
      • manual group management
      • staff group management
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