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Action Items:

Due Date
Tracking Tech Papers QMA-331 - Getting issue details... STATUS Tech papers: track as JIRA tasks under tech paper; set up in Confluence & linked to JIRA. End with DOI fieldLeslie Froeschl 
Collaboration document QMA-332 - Getting issue details... STATUS Revised version of Collaboration document ready in the next weekJohn Towns 


Notes/ Discussion items:

Status of Publications

  • Advanced Computing for Social Change Journal Publication

  • EMPOWERing Undergraduates Through Expert Mentoring: Supporting Student-Driven Research in HPC Internships

  • Building a Solid Foundation: Intensive, Hands-on Curriculum for Teaching Applications in HPC

  • BOF: WHPC - "Join the conversation: Strategies for building a campus wide Women in HPC community" Happened at PEARC18

  • Paper: "Mentoring Undergraduates into Cyber-Facilitator Roles": PEARC18

  • Campus Champions 101 workshop: Happened at PEARC18

  • Campus Champions Fellows Presentation: Happened at PEARC18

  • Campus Champions Panel Presentation: Happened at PEARC18

  • Paper: Teaching Data Science through Social Change

  • BOF: Supporting Student-Driven Research: Fostering Mentorship to Promote Student Success

  • Paper: The role cultural competency plays in teaching data science

  • Panel: First Principles in Advanced Cyberinfrastructure - Concepts and Skills Needed for Broader Engagement and Participation

  • Grace Hopper Presentation on Computing4Change

Kelly to review and update. 
  • Domain journals

  • ECSS staff typically publish at PEARC

  • We will summarize accepted submissions

  • Increased attention to staff uploading of publications

  • Can import from DOI, PubMed ID

  • Can we import from Google Scholar?

  • Proposed XSEDE partnership with OrcID?

  • PEARC 19 paper on XSEDE's Use Case Process

  • PEARC 19 paper on Extending the XNIT 

  • XSEDE Community Software Repository (possible separate white paper)

Tech papers: track as JIRA tasks under tech paper --good idea to track ; set up in confluence & linked to jira. end with DOI field
  • Participating in PEARC panel (2.4.1)

  • ML/NLP results on automated ticket classification/routing (2.4.1)

  • Considering PEARC BoF to solicit feedback on DTS updated vision (2.4.3)

  • Paper on multisite virtual organization infrastructure management (2.4.5)

  • XRAS Technical Report—Updating original design and architecture documents to reflect as-implemented state. 

  • XRAS Administrators Guide—Documentation for allocations administrators for XRAS clients; STarted/part done. Mostly completed version before NSF panel 

  • XSEDE Accounting Service Design Document; Just kicking off

  • Resource usage analysis publication, format TBD, possibly PEARC19; still TBD 

  • Possible XRAS PEARC19 submission, format TBD; Still TBD

  • Planning process (Project Office): Available on IDEALS: 

  • Governance (Project Office): Not yet started

  • IHPCSS (Evaluation): Initial findings and recommendations memo submitted last month

  • PEARC (Evaluation): Draft has been sent to PEAC19 team

  • Specialized studies (Evaluation): ECSS focus group conducted at PEARC and published a memo. Champions Climate Study Report completed. C4C report is coming in Feb.

  • XSEDE ROI (Evaluation): Manuscript will be presented at Utility and Cloud Computing Conference

  • XSEDE strategic planning case study (Strategy): Will begin in 2019

  • Workflow analysis (Strategy): In Progress

Collaboration page
  • Need more people to look at doc to be sure it's solid. Need to get something out there now as there are solicitations out there
  • Text up front stating why this page exists, what we mean by collaborations, provide examples, reorganize info so not as SP heavy. Make more general & more menu of options. 
    • Open to other options if they're not covered here, so contact us.
  • Living page that evolves as needs changes. Based on history of SP-oriented proposals. Willing to add services as appropriate. Other questions on things not covered here, contact me.
  • Give hints in sections of content so someone doesn't have to read whole doc to know opportunities. More focused. Organize around types of collabs or each section say what collabs are relevant to that. 
  • Looks onerous in places. 
  • Select what is appropriate for your collaboration. 
  • Simplify and refer to other pages that might get updated more often
  • Here's the low/no cost collab options: meetings, activities you can leverage without high cost...
  • What are things of interest to MRI, CC*, track 2, etc and try to make generic for those. Can provide guidance on other cases if you don't feel yours is covered here. 
  • Want to minimize discussions with them about their proposal.
  • Overlaps with Eco system tab on XUP mirrors some of this. This doc could be exec summary of what appears there and provide links back to the more dynamic content on the XUP. 
  • MREC ? category
  • Intro piece provide representative examples of things people might be doing, important elements that might align... 
  • Allocations expected that you would fund for XSEDE 
  • Post-HPC world; instead Advanced Research Computing
  • Science gateway computing institute–highlight? 
  • SGCI collaborating in some science gateways. Offers services beyond what XSEDE offers. Pointer that there is more they offer and contact them. 
  • Category of collaboration as example to give people ideas
  • No labels