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Action Items:

Due Date
Contact info QMA-327 - Getting issue details... STATUS Get contact spreadsheet from IBCHannah Remmert 


Notes/ Discussion items:


  • Break-even at 22 customers/2 years
  • Mix of customers/willingness to pay
  • Most valuable features:
    • Historical data, customization, compatibility to job schedulers
  • Marketing points: labor/time/cost savings
  • Google forms being used by many; XRAS could represent ~$20K/year in savings

Action plan

  • Year 1 Plan market entry, expand customer base
    • Develop protection, subsidies plan
    • Find conferences
    • Begin video production
    • Reach out to existing clients
  • Year 2 continue to expand customer base
    • Find new customers
    • Verify discounts are fiscally reasonable
  • Year 3 Review XRAS progress
    • Update existing videos
    • Continuously improve software, notify customers to changes
    • As customer base expands, readjust protection and subsidies plan

Can we contact people that were contacted? 

  • Team has a spreadsheet that can be shared

Sweet spot is small-mid level universities. What is price point for them? 

  • $2,000 annually for small
  • $10,000 annually for mid
  • Will the discrepancy in costs between small & medium universities fly? Need to take this into consideration. 
  • Number of users you have per system isn't necessarily linear to # of nodes.  
  • Would it be better to split the difference and charge everyone the same amount somewhere in between
    • Support effort is smaller for smaller size–less users etc.  Support costs increase as size increases
  • ICOR program? 
    • intended for spinning off company. Attractive to universities because they can do it within the existing university environment & don't have to become independent company
  • Most small universities using Google Form. Larger ones are using some kind of allocation system. 
  • Request Tracker has big pricing differences based on # of accounts & # of support requests available

SSO would be packaged with XRAS

  • Was considered as an independent product at $2/user/month
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