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Action Items:

Due Date
ECSS Staff Availability Updates QMA-330 - Getting issue details... STATUS Monthly or quarterly e-mail check in with sub award PIs to update ECSS staffing levelsSonia Nayak 


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Is it possible to get the names, fte, and wbs area for ecss staff on a monthly basis from the financial portal (or some other document)?
    • Ron: How familiar are you with the financial reports available through the user portal available to the L3 areas?
      • Not much usage, but as long as sub-awardees are submitting invoices in a timely manner, the FTE break downs in the XSEDE Financial reports is accurate on a monthly basis. 
    • Even in a perfect world where sub-awards are reporting quickly, it still will be at least one month late for ECSS to work with that. 
    • This might be useful for checking what we thought was the plan versus what was actually spent, but on a quick view, this (XSEDE Financial Portal) looks inaccurate
    • Is it possible for ECSS Management to put pressure on the PIs to get information back for planning purposes
      • Yes it's possible for L3s to do this 
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