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Action Items:


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • RAS Plans Involving Other XSEDE Areas
    • ORCiD integration
    • Migration to AWS: XRAS, XDCDB-Admin, Metrics, cron jobs, APIs
    • Resource Selector: SPI-02 (Guided Resource Discovery)
    • XSEDE Accounting System redesign: this includes what passes for identity management in XSEDE
    • RDR improvements
    • Gateway attribute improvements: XCI-419
    • Emergency Account Suspension: SPI-06
    • Active Account Info: SPI-05 (A way to check who has active and suspended accounts)
  • User Interface group projects involving other XSEDE Areas
    • Bulk Account Migration- 
    • ORCiD integration- 
    • Account creation redesign
    • Upgrading liferay
  • RACD cross area priorities
    • Web Single Sign-On: currently finishing design, will undergo design review
    • Resource Publishing and Discovery
      • Forms based software registration
      • Advanced software search/ discovery interfaces
      • Cross Campus-XSEDE search/ discovery (training, software, etc...)
    • Data analytics and preparation 
      • New user documentation
    • AWS Migration
      • Started migration
    • Prioritized but not started (Primarily XCI effort)
      • CSR software discussion forums
      • New/ updated user documentation
        • Formalize Community Software Area (CSA) support, discovery
        • Support InCommon authentication on the XSEDE SSO Hub
      • SSH access using XSEDE identity for education
      • Expand two factor authentication
    • Emergency Account Suspension
      • Active account information
    • Guided Resource Discovery
    • Manage usage within an allocation
    • Add TFA to "add user to my project"
    • Add TFA to "edit user profile"
    • Group management

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