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Action Items:

Due Date


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Training Update: Roadmaps & YouTube




    YouTube Channel XSEDETraining

    PSC wanted to have their playlists in a training channel and format their own playlists

    Promotion? How do you find this on the portal?


    Need to do MPI, maybe boot camp


    Evaluation -

    YouTube cards - pop up box to link to survey

    Most metrics are built in to youtube


    Ex: evaluate advertising campaign?


    How can we promote?



    Conference exhibits - create hand outs?

    Business card? Small handout?

    QR code


    How do we keep people from watching the youtube instead of attending in person?


    Captioning is hard because of HPC vocabulary


    XSEDE youtube channel should promote the XSEDE Training channel


    Could a student caption? Is it too terrible to ask them?

    Can we find a student to try it? Weijing?


    Roadmaps (in the mists of ancient history…)

    Steve started it


    Review process (took as long as the formation of the universe)


    If you don't like the look, I quit


    Process for roadmap is set up


    Review process - include list of things to include in review


    Links need to be checked quarterly - do we have auto process on portal?

    Content review - bi-annual review needs a checklist - Lorna can help design


    Any ideas for more roadmaps?


    How can we see what they do with the roadmaps?

    Add a feedback button on roadmap page?

    Google analytics - how to use to understand usage?


    Are there other groups that might want to create roadmaps?





    Have a champions call or demo?

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