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  • 20180828- Staff Evaluation Team Results and Recommendations
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Action Items:

Due Date
Additional analysis QMA-299 - Getting issue details... STATUS Analyze impact and likelihood of participating in staff feedback process by FTE percentageLornaNot defined
Participation default QMA-300 - Getting issue details... STATUS Consider as default: Those over 50% could opt-out; those under 50% opt-inSE TeamNot defined
Local manager and sub-award PI Access QMA-301 - Getting issue details... STATUS Further consideration of whether the local manager and sub-award PI can have accessSE TeamNot defined
Local Manager Requests for Feedback QMA-302 - Getting issue details... STATUS Clarify language concerning how a local supervisor may request feedback on a staff member; define time frame for responseSE TeamNot defined
Distribution/Privacy QMA-303 - Getting issue details... STATUS Define distribution process (e.g., email, paper, etc.)SE TeamNot defined
Data Ownership QMA-304 - Getting issue details... STATUS Add language indicating that the staff member owns the dataSE TeamNot defined
Roles & Responsibilities QMA-305 - Getting issue details... STATUS Define roles, expectations, and job responsibilities for each area/staff member, in the context of the institutional SOW; reflect need to communicate the roles, expectations, and job responsibilities in on-boarding processPM&RNot defined
Update Form QMA-306 - Getting issue details... STATUS Update form to reflect climate survey and quarterly discussion feedbackSE TeamNot defined


Notes/ Discussion items:

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