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Action Items:

Due Date
Reminders to resource PIssend periodic reminders to the PIs to make updates to their resource information in RDRVictor Hazelwood 
Use cases for improvements to RDRcome up with use cases of the improvements of what they want to see changedJP Navarro/ Victor Hazelwood 


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Do we set up a hierarchy of entities within RDR?
  • Should systems be "organizations"?
  • How to get SP Forum members to update their information in RDR?
  • How to update this so that it is easier to update for SP Forum members?
  • XCI and A3M to devote some time and effort to making the updates.
  • Date should be fixed so that it does not change when top level updates are made?
  • How to represent a heterogeneous resource? RDR was originally designed to handle this but there has not been good documentation about how to use it
  • Conflict of Interest for XRAS... (TACC vs UT Austin)
  • How to allow for the identification of sub-institutions (TACC vs. UT Austin)? Provide the ability to inactivate the sub-institution without inactivating the institution
  • Annual reviews and checklist of un-allocated  and allocated SPs? 
  • How to properly represent a virtual organization like XSEDE (which is made up of many other institutions).
  • formal sub-org recognition
  • Need to be more consistent with the vocabulary... One resource can be allocated by more than one resource project affiliations. 
  • XCI and XRAS should work together to make sure terms all have the same meaning across the project (i.e. affiliate)
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