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Action Items:

Due Date


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • ECSS Staff Review Load
    • There is a big disparity between allocation of reviews
      • The reviews are based on field of science 
  • Most reviewers do 3 or less reviews. Some have done up to 7 
    • There are some that never see reviews because Ken doesn't have a FOS for them 
  • Discussion
    • How long does it take to review?
      • 1 to 1.5hrs 
      • Cazes: For someone getting 20% support from ECSS, 4 reviews could be done in a day which is not unreasonable to ask
    • Is there a reasonable way to share the load? 
    • How much do people need to be in a FOS to review a proposal for a FOS
      • If someone received a proposal and send it back to a L3 manager, then they can offload that proposal
      • In order to do that, Ken would need help from ECSS
      • You need to be familiar with the code and what's being done
      • Maybe for some of the heavy FOS then we can keep those with that skill listed as the primary, but for lighter proposals, the FOS of the ECSS staff might not need to match the FOS for the proposal
    • We should manage the expectations for what staff expect to see in reviews
      • The goal would be at least one is of particular interest to the staff member, but there are others that may be from a different FOS. The staff is still expected to complete the review in a reasonable time. 
    • Carrots to get people to turn in reviews
      • If we can encourage our ECSS staff to get the reviews out of the way. We just need to figure out how to encourage them 
      • "If you have a little bit of down time, just get it out of the way" 
    • What do we do about staff who don't complete their reviews?
      • Informal list of contacts at each site
      • Perhaps add in information about the effects of not doing reviews or late reviews so that people know exactly how their actions affect others
    • Would it be a good goal to try to get every ECSS person to review one proposal per quarter?
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