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Action Items:

Due Date


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Could we do something independent of a university where students get a certificate for what we are teaching them?
  • Perhaps adding resources and creating a YouTube series offering 
  • Badges need to be tied to certificates. Certificates mean more when there are badges associated with them
  • Currently, we're keeping a data repository on different topics. So we could keep that model going and keep things based on the different repositories 
  • Currently getting together case study information for social issues to focus the curriculum
  • Should we look at the traditional way of getting a set of badges (through XSEDE)? A social justice way? 
    • Depending on the target population and their institution culture, would it be valued or not? Is it the students or the faculty getting trained who gets them? 
  •  For Kelly Gaither: Suggestion to look at Sharing materials for teaching
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