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Action Items:

Due Date
Create a discussion in to get ECSS staff feedback on whether or not the mailing list should be public Mona Wong-Barnum, Andrea Zonca 
Continue discussing mailing lists in the next ECSS MGMT Call Philip Blood, Robert Sinkovits 


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • How can we develop the ECSS community? 
    • Whats the sense of community now? 
      • The consultants don't even know each other 
    • ECSS Symposium
      • To what extent can staff voluntarily contribute to that?
        • Nancy previously would convince staff to give presentations. Now Bob does that
        • If we want to build community, it would be nice if the activities that we do came voluntarily and not by managers.
    • There is a new ECSSers mailing list: xsede.groups/io/g/ecssers
      • Perhaps we should start a discussion in about whether or not the list should be public or not (with the conversation for the staff and not directed by managers) 
        • If our goal to get staff to really communicate, then the mailing list should be private
      • If you can find a few people to curate interesting questions and answers every week, then you can use that to get staff used to the concept of regularly using the mailing list. 
    • ECSS Member profiles
    • Perhaps we could implement some sort of badge or recognition system 
  • Can we learn from and replicate the successes of other groups? 
  • What unique strengths of ECSS can we build on? 
  • General discussion
    • We need to identify activities in which ECSS staff would participate
      • One of the keys for the champions is that they discuss things that matter to them day in and day out. 
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