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Move to AWS QMA-268 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Decision to proceed with the move to AWS

Action Items:

Due Date

Move XRAS and XDCDB to AWS

QMA-269 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Move to XRAS and XDCDB to AWS by the end of June/ Mid-July... Maytal requests that it happens when she is available to do testing 7/31/18

Risk of software costs getting too high

QMA-270 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Need to add the possibility of software costs getting too high to the risk registerSonia Nayak7/31/18

Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Cost is about $400/ month with possible discounts on data transfer which could lower it to about $100/ month
  • Once XDCDB is moved to AWS can secondary and tertiary servers remain connected to provide extra backup? No- failover must be within AWS... solution- weekly data dumps to keep a backup outside of AWS.
  • How would this impact XDMOD?... this was tested and the performance was fine so XDMOD will not require their own copy of the database.


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