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Concept 1: Discover More with XSEDE is the campaign selected.

Ok to include the slide about concept 1 in review slides. 

Action Items:

Due Date

Drop "the" before National Science Foundation's in narrative

Kristin Williamson 

Include text about creating cyberinfrastructure ecosystem in narrative. 

Kristin Williamson 
 Update image on slide to be more diverse.Kristin Williamson 

Notes/ Discussion items:

Nancy, Sergiu: Discover more with XSEDE resonated most. 

  • Shortness, more connection with science

What happens to accelerating scientific discovery tagline? 

  • Would be replaced by the new tagline

#discoveredwithXSEDE is past tense. Better to do #discoverwithXSEDE

  • Trying to raise awareness: #discoverXSEDE
  • Sharing science results: #discoveredwithXSEDE
  • Depends on intent of message.  If trying to engage new people, better to say #discoverwithXSEDE
  • the "with" makes it long.  #discoverXSEDE




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