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Action Items:

Due Date
Program Office   
Can't say XSEDE sponsored, say supported Ron Payne (Done)DONE
Screenshot for improvements and recomendations Ron Payne (Done)DONE
Add UAC and SPF Ron Payne (Done)DONE
PIF diligence and show how improving projects Ron Payne (Done)DONE
Staff Publications Initiative and Technical Report Series Ron Payne (Done)DONE
Spell out IRIS Ron Payne (Done)DONE
External Relations   
List FTE numbers instead of individual staff Kristin Williamson6/8/2018
Include ECSS analytics Kristin Williamson


Fix slide 13 so it doesn't spill into the footer. Kristin Williamson6/8/2018

Product Market Analysis:

  • Commercial viability is not the right term since audience is from education. Find another way to phrase so it's not misinterpreted.
  • Sustainability potential is better term than commercial viability.
  • Start with motivation for product market analysis
 Kristin Williamson6/8/2018

Move quickly through the slides during the review

 Kristin Williamson 
Provide motivation overall for why we have ER Kristin Williamson6/8/2018

Notes/ Discussion items:


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