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Action Items:

Due Date
NSF Review Logistics Action Items QMA-271 - Getting issue details... STATUS

1) Draft slides due from everyone at noon central on Friday to John

2) Ron sent updated org chart and budget slides for intro; bring that into deck

3) Decide limited set ahead of time in case we cannot have everyone in the room

4) Need local PM assigned ASAP

L2s, John, Ron6/8/2018
John's Review Introduction Action Items QMA-272 - Getting issue details... STATUS

1) Need ECSS leadership transition slide before slide 8

2) CTSC is changing to Trusted CI on "flower" slide; Computational resources: remove Dartar and add Stampede 2; Xstream

3) Slide 10 update from Google sheet

4) Footnote for everyone: make sure we are reporting on progress in RY2 within the period of XSEDE2.0 (August 2016). Longer-term impacts and trends could be considered outside that time frame but do that judiciously

5) Collaborations include others who write letters on behalf of XSEDE starting in August of 2016 going forward and send them to Leslie

6) Slide 13 - Need numbers from the beginning of XSEDE1, XSEDE2, and RY1 only; computational research team projects number updated from Marques

7) Slide 14 - number doesn't include asynchronous participants. Also changed from reporting registrants to participants...make adjustment based on Report year after the gap

8) Use image ER created that Laura sent that shows the difference between PY and RY

9) Slide 15-

  • Shava will provide data on components and fixes/enhancements
  • update of new resources numbers needed since 9/1/16; July of 2017 for gpu resources right after IHPCSS2017; ditto for Comet for when the GPUs became separately allocable. This coincided with the addition of 36 new GPU nodes (4xP100/node); we started to allocate Bridges GPU nodes separately starting in late June 2017; XCI bullets are vague

10) Something that should be highlighted RAS NCAR; L3 connect to SSO hub

11) Slide 17 needs to be updated

12) Slide 22 take $2.9B as a text box on current year slide (16?)

13) Slide 23 remove LIGO

John, Everyone at Review, Everyone, Greg, Nancy, Phil, Bob, Lorna, Shava, Victor6/8/2018
Add data collection refined for publications QMA-273 - Getting issue details... STATUS Need to add data collection refined for publications; Leslie Morsek gets data...XSEDE2 data only; Report the RY2 number but also provide the greater beginning of XSEDE number as a subLeslie M/ Karla7/1/2018
IPR appendix data changes for next year QMA-274 - Getting issue details... STATUS Some IPR appendix RY2 data is quarterly with no totals–John would like changes for next yearKarla7/1/2018
Appendix link to to the previous report in IDEALS QMA-275 - Getting issue details... STATUS At the beginning of Appendix provide a link back to the previous report in IDEALSKarla7/1/2018


Notes/ Discussion items:

  • How to handle the gap between XSEDE1 and XSEDE2? Bob says the gap is part of XSEDE1 as an extension (not XSEDE2)


    1. Number of people in NSF session could likely be everyone in attendance
    2. Still no list of review panelists; could be up to 30 people possibly
    3. NSF's security is higher and very much like TSA
    4. War room at Westin
    5. Sitting area at NSF
    6. List of names on wiki have been provided to NSF

John's Review Introduction

  • Is there anything from NSF's vision that John should incorporate?
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