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Action Items:

Due Date

Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Slide 7 (ECSS by the numbers in RY2) has text cut off
  • We've used LIGO a lot. Probably ok to not include that in these slides
  • Cryo-EM is a hot area and should be included. 
    • Might better fit with trends
    • One slide in Dave's trend session: yes
  • Where do the impact slides go?
    • There's the real world stuff and then the academic stuff
    • Perhaps one slide with recent Nobel prizes
      • 3 Nobels in the past 2 years is worth mentioning on a slide
    • Be careful how we list our involvement with Cryo-EM and LIGO
      • Might be tenuous to say we played a role
      • Evaluate what Frank was doing in 2008/2009
      • John is ok with using these projects and saying it's part of the XSEDE legacy.
        • Single slide saying "Oh yeah we've been involved in some Nobel prizes"
      • These things take can take time
  • NIP new and sustained user numbers can be included in trends
    • If we're doing a trends slide, we want to show more than just the past two years
  • Does it make sense to hand off to Phil/Bob for the PY8 section
    • John's not opposed to that
      • Is it better to have them as observers?
        • Well it's hard to have them both present because there's not enough there, but we might consider have them cover some of the trend stuff. Not sure where the right break point is to hand off. 
  • Trends slide
    • Nobel prize is not a part of the slide
    • Cryo-Em just make sure there's something there
    • NIP
    • Trends in ECSS or projects more generally with keyword search data
  • How do people feel about time spent on JIRA
    • A bit too much time was spent talking about it
    • Are we giving too much detail about how our process works?
    • Perhaps mention using tools like JIRA makes it easier to transition for new leadership
    • Tie it back to the XSEDE mission/vision as relating to a virtual organization
    • Perhaps switch JIRA part to earlier in the presentation when talking about internal changes


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