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Action Items:

Due Date
For training accomplishment, did Intel's documentation get changed?Find out if Intel's documentation got updated as a result of the work in XSEDEKelly Gaither 
Include more trends in presentation

Look at trends in types of training, has there been an increased need?


Training trends - seeing more webcast participants but can't necessarily capture that

Kelly Gaither 

Notes/ Discussion items:

Slide 4

  • Will include numbers and anecdotes from user engagement

Slide 7 (Training accomplishments)

  • If that went back and changed Intel’s documentation, there is a much broader impact. Kelly will need to find that out.

Slide 9 (BP accomplishment)

  • Need capitals for Campus Engagement and Broadening Participation

Slide 15

  • In note about the gateway, make sure it is “Healthy Gateway” not “Health Gateway”

John would have liked to see more on trends

  • Are we seeing changes in the types of training people are asking for? We’ve observed an increased need in the community, etc?
  • Can look at the trend of underrepresented minorities; Linda works with Lizanne and Maytal and Dave to get these numbers; look at people that are on allocations and not necessarily the PI; Linda will look at creating a chart that goes back to XSEDE1
  • Training trends – seeing more people attending webcasts but hard to capture those; have 2/5 monthly talks on youtube channels and can only get “views” on those;

Bob asked about pageviews

  • Possible another factor, could it be that with restructure, less pages with more organized content; removed login capability to XUP; some of the quarters are traditionally low (holidays);
  • Tried to distinguish the differences between the uses of the XUP and the website; reduced duplication of information between the two
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