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  • 20180307- XSEDE's Participation in Science Node
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Science Node on Twitter

QMA-235 - Getting issue details... STATUS
@scinode is Twitter handle for Science Node. Everyone should follow for good info.
XSEDE publications in Science Node QMA-236 - Getting issue details... STATUS XSEDE can have 4 sponsored pieces published per year.
Topics QMA-237 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Come up with overarching narrative. 1st story introduce story, following pieces offer deeper dives into aspects of the series.

Theme: XSEDE as an integrator of CI resources & experts–really focus on experts.

  • How money gets spread around across people/states. Show that XSEDE's impact is nation-wide.
    • Panel liked how much research we supported, staff members spread across x organizations. We bring the knowledge in & share it out with other orgs through our staff being involved in other areas.
    • Have to go deeper into level of expertise of what people are providing. Don't want to put something out there that could get picked up and spun negatively toward how NSF is spending money.
    • We bring deep expertise across disciplines. Highlight as efficiencies because we buy fractions of people's time.
    • How we're enabling other scientists with other research grants.
    • Highlight students
  • Campus Champions
  • Responsible for existence of PEARC conference.
Future topics QMA-238 - Getting issue details... STATUS Communicate with Science Node editor about future topics.

Action Items:

Due Date

Next steps for XSEDE Participation in Science Node QMA-242 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Craig will write first draft, send to Ron to fill in blanks. Ron will send to Kristin.Craig Stewart; Ron Payne; Kristin WilliamsonNext week

Notes/ Discussion items:


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