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Action Items:

Due Date

Consider and further define

QMA-249 - Getting issue details... STATUS

what are materials developed by faculty for public dissemination and re-use in other undergraduate and graduate classrooms

  • What XSEDE staff produce and what faculty report in XRAS reports--could be tertiary not secondary
  • What about logs?
  • Some data cannot be shared or may not be appropriate for public dissemination
    • some can be shared in aggregate
    • could have different versions; executive summary
    • less about the data and more about the recommendations
  • How detailed are we expected to be beyond a best effort?
  • Reference data sharing and privacy policy
  • Data products vs. internal working documents
  • L3 meetings should track decisions and actions
    • some do organizational studies
  • Communicate value and confirm with guidance from NSF
  • Define difference between collecting vs. sharing
  • XSEDE2 only
L2 call setup QMA-250 - Getting issue details... STATUS L2s work with L3s to populate; communicate this action reminder  
Identify exempted Ops data QMA-251 - Getting issue details... STATUS Have a discussion in ops-mgmt meeting about Ops data that is secondary but that should not be part of the data mgmt plan (e.g.,

ticket data, CDB, security details will need to be scrubbed or not shared. Logs may be irrelevant or will require scrubbing.  XOC playbook?) 

Victor HazlewoodN/A

Notes/ Discussion items:


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