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  • 20180306- XSEDE Developer Coordination Council
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Action Items:

Due Date

ORCiD Membership for XSEDE

QMA-232 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Dave to work on getting the funds approved for the ORCiD membership 

Dave Hart3/31/18
ORCiD Follow Up Meeting QMA-233 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Set up a follow up meeting: Attendees- Dave Hart, Ester Soriano, Maytal Dahan, JP Navarro, Rob Light, Steve Peckins, Gary Rogers, Tabitha Samuel, Craig Stewart, Shava Smallen, Lee Liming

Dave Hart3/15/18
Bit Bucket QMA-234 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Look into Atlassian Bit Bucket to link into JIRA and confluence... explore the value of this with other developer groups 

Gary Rogers3/31/18

Notes/ Discussion items:

  • Prioritization of projects across RAS, RACD, UII, Sys OPS
  • Emergency Account Suspension- how to best manage all the different types of accounts that get spun up.
  • ORCiD: Refer to slides from presentation on 3/5/18.
    • This would potentially have little affect on the resource selector.
    • Identity linking of ORCiD accounts with XSEDE accounts is already taken care of.
    • Need to define work requested from each group.
    • Need requirements documentation and identify impact on other components.
    • what can be done by the next quarterly?
      • Maytal will have an execution plan ready
  • Emre has agreed to help with testing and presenting to the UAB






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