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Action Items:


Notes/ Discussion items

XCI is looking for a way to meet our KPI target for number of CI assistance engagements.

User Question Hunter/Gatherer

This grew out of a previous session on  the possibilities of live chat. ECSS and Training (as examples) feel that users may have questions they are not asking, e.g., do I qualify for ECSS help, how would I ask for it?  What kind of training would I benefit from if I am doing X?  Consensus in that session was to try something available in the web pages, along the lines of offering FAQ-like info, with the ability to ask for more info via email.   

Other ideas:  SLACK channel, Amazon dot with the Knowledge Base as it's info repository

Contributions to Community Software Repository

We don't get enough software contributed to the CSR.  One reason may be that Pis don't know the CSR exists?

  • Maybe we need to market this more/in a better way?
  • Announce at conferences - although Nancy says this has been done and the ducks do not stay in a row (smile)
  • Make a broad call to the community inviting software SP to integrate their software with XSEDE.  We could evaluate the submissions and choose the most promising ones to integrate.

Should XSEDE offer to support some carefully curated software?  We can also allow vetted software to be part of teh CSR but list the provider as the support.

Offer empty cycles to high throughput jobs

Can we develop a way to offer empty cycles on XSEDE resources to high-throughput research?  hese jobs would need to be interruptable,researchers would need to checkpoint.

  • We already allocate OSG
  • This must not interfere with the primary mission of a resource 

John T. says U. Illinois is about to offer this servicemand suggests that we wait 6 months and look to mine Illinois for insight and experiences. Promising applications are text mining, image processing and other non-traditional areas.

SSO Hub for L3 SPs

John T believes this would provide value to the SPs.

Other ideas?



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