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Action Items:

Due Date

Start Budget Sheet (Google or other)

Identified the need for a new non-FTE budget sheet that we can update our XSEDE2 original spending, etc. and capture Done
Notify the HW/SW sitesCommunicate with the sites letting them know we're doing something different, here's what's in your budget, etc. so 1030s can be modified Done (I think)
 Craig acknowledged the IU committed funds are up for re-allocation due to the HW changes at IU. N/A
 Need MOU in place that sites acknowledge they will adhere to based on XES security standard document Will need to check on this.
 Identify which XESs are candidates for moving to cloud/AWS In progress. This would be Gary Rogers' responsibility and I know he just queried the admins to see what they think good candidates would be.
 To get access to these funds, a PCR should be submitted then an amendment takes place for the remainder of PY7. 

Not sure what funds this refers to. However, I do know that PCRs are being generated for sub-award changes resulting from non-FTE HW/SW items that

weren't originally budgeted. So I would say this is in progress.

 Four months to get all the above things reconciled for PY8. N/A

Notes/ Discussion items:


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