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Notes/ Discussion items:

  • This would streamline the process because researchers would only have to update ORCiD which would automatically notify XSEDE of profile updates.
  • ~4.5 million registered researchers currently using ORCiD
  • $4,120/ year- Should this be a project improvement fund request? Is XSEDE an entity that can become an ORCiD member?
  • UIUC membership on behalf of XSEDE...
  • XSEDE identity service (GLOBUS) already has the ability to link XSEDE and ORCiD identities.
  • Provides long term infrastructure.
  • Q: Are these ORCiD identifiable? Are they going to be hacked? A: researchers have to give permission and authenticate through the user portal. When using Globus, the authentication happens in Globus.
  • ORCiD has the option to create a personal account or an institutional account which can be linked to your institutional ID.
  • Does not required R3 criteria.
  • This should be synchronized across all L2 areas. 
  • How soon should we plan on beginning with this? Next quarter? This will be discussed during the XSEDE Developer Coordination Council (XDCC) session 3/6.
  • Work with the UIUC "Illinois Experts" Site team to provide guidance for a project plan.


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